Advertising for real estate on Facebook: The best tricks for real estate agent

In our two previous articles we saw the first steps of this Facebook Advertising Guide: first we knew the entrails of Facebook Ads and then, in our next post of the trilogy, we explained step by step how to launch your first real estate ads of Property for sale . But we left something in the pipeline, something that can be what leads your ad campaign to succeed and get the expected results. The advertising tricks for real estate on Facebook ads that we use the professionals of Social Media Marketing, and in this article we will see them one by one, so that you can also apply them to your campaigns.

Advertising for real estate on Facebook: the tricks for real estate agent

Create a Custom Public

From the Multiple Editor (review in the previous article how to access it), select “Public” in the Ad Manager tab. In this section you can create several types of audiences, depending on the objective you have decided to achieve with this ad campaign.

Let’s focus on a fairly popular goal and that is usually the one chosen by most businesses on Facebook: get high quality visits to your real estate website for reference you can check the links of Park View City. When we talk about “great quality” we mean an audience that will be more likely to acquire your product or service.

With this goal in mind, we have a type of audience that interests us: the Custom Audiences.

Here you can choose from “Create Public” if you want to do it by uploading a list of clients that you already have saved in an Excel document, for example, or locating on Facebook those who have previously visited your website, and who somehow already know your brand and they will be more willing to return if they see a Facebook ad that appeals to them.

We particularly like the second option, since the list will be fed directly from visits to your website and you will not need to update it again and again. Of course, this type of audience requires a programmer who installs a code on your website.

Apply a strategy that works

When a company lands on Facebook, it is normal that their first intention is to grow their community. However, you should not stay there.

Our advice with this Advertising Guide for real estate on Facebook is that you launch a first campaign with several ads that lead to your Fan Page whose objective is to increase your fans, and that as soon as the community passes from the 100 followers, you launch a second strategy focused on getting interactions from your fans with your posts. For this you will promote from the Multiple Editor the best posts that you publish on the wall of your Company Page.

One more trick of real estate advertising on Facebook

One of the keys for an ad to work is segmentation. Watch that the target audience to which it is addressed (which will always appear as you configure the ad) is less than 100,000 Facebook users. That way you will ensure more repetitions of the ad to the same user and, therefore, greater chances of finally being users “click” on it.

Although in this article of real estate advertising tricks in Faceboook Ads we have not entered in depth in the step by step to create the ad itself, following the scheme of the previous article you can launch it without problems. However, in future editions of Real Estate Marketing articles we will create a step-by-step guide to create and edit an ad on Facebook.

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